Investment-Any House Can Be a Great Deal If Bought at the Right Price!

If you are interested in finding a home to flip or rent, below are some factors you should take into consideration.  First, check for neighborhoods that are established, stable or growing.  Make sure they are no further out than an hour from metro areas. Finding a home in an area where top rated schools are is always a plus. Secondly, search for homes that are minimum 3 bedroom and 2 bath and are priced $180,000 and below.  This demographic fits the largest profile of buyers in todays market.  And most average families can move into something that meets these criteria, fairly quickly and easily. Thirdly, do your homework. you can do some of this research yourself.  However, you will need help from your trusted real estate agent and contractors for this part.  Research the sales in the neighborhood.  Find out what the house is assessed at by the local tax office.  This should give you a gauge with regard to the pricing of the home.  Bring in your contractors and inspector to give you an estimate of the repairs needed to get the home in the proper shape for sale of leasing.  Lastly, buy the home at the lowest price possible.  If the home has been on the market for 100 days or longer, put in a low offer.  Especially on foreclosures, banks don’t want to hold unwanted properties for extended time periods. The key on the purchase is to buy low, keep all costs, including construction costs, as low as possible in order to maximize your profits.  It is very important that you do your homework and  know what a home will likely sell for after repairs.

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Do You Want to Get Out of Your Home, But Owe Too Much?

Many of us are feeling the preasures of the changed economy.  Our wallets are lighter and the bills and family needs remain the same or become greater!!  If you are faced with the situation of wanting to sell your home, but the value is presently lower than what you owe, don’t despair!  You are in a situation that many face today.  DFW Premier Properties may be able to assist you with your home sale!  Families in this situation can often take advantage of a Short Sale.  A short sale is well, anything but short.  In fact, be prepared, sometimes they can take 4 months to complete or more.  The benefit?  There are several.  First and foremost, after acceptance by the lender that holds your note, you can sell your home.  This will get it off of your hands and will potentially not damage your credit like a foreclosure would.  Did you know a foreclosures can damage your credit and stay on your credit for up to 7 years?  It’s the worst thing to do to your credit next to a bankruptcy.  I bet you can see the positive of the short sale now!!!  It’s worth it to find a professional, that has closed many short sales and ask them if you are a candidate.  We want to help you!  Give us a call!

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Sell Your House for Free!!

Are you selling your home and staying in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex?  You could sell your home for FREE!!!!  We are offering a very unique special… Buy a home with DFW Premier Properties and sell your present home for FREE!!!!   It’s really that easy!  We will offer you the same fabulous features we offer with our regular listing service.  Some of these include: mls listing service, professional photographs, syndication to over 100 other real estate websites, like Truilia,, CraigsList,Zillow and many more.  We also offer contract negotiations, open houses, professional property flyers, virtual tours, professional showing service ability and assistance in every other way possible.  Rest assured, we will take care of everything…..FREE!  Contact us via phone or email right now!  We look forward to making your life as easy as possible so you can get as much money back in your pocket, not ours!!!

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