Divorce Specialist

Our Team at DFW Premier Properties & Acquisitions knows how stressful divorce can be!  We have combined our personal experience and strong networking abilities with local attorneys, counselors, recruiters, support groups and real estate know how to assist you with every need during this stressful time.  We see it our job to help you understand the real estate process during divorce and ease the stress of selling your home and finding a new home.  No matter where you are headed, we can get you and your family there.  Whether you prefer to lease a home, move to an apartment or purchase a new home, we are committed to assisting you in every way possible to make the adjustments to your new life seamless.

We understand privacy is of the utmost importance.  Therefore, please feel free to email Michelle directly at her personal email.  Please leave a good number to reach you at and your name and she will personally call you!

Michelle Pacifico
Or contact the office directly.